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The Survival Code

The Survival Code, formed of Gary McGuinness (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Tom Cook (Vocals and Drums) is an alt-rock band based in London. With influences ranging from the pop punk melodies of Alkaline Trio, to a more metal influences such as the Deftones. This successful group have gigged in around the UK and Ireland gathering a loyal fan-base as they went since 2012 and have big plans for 2017!


Lead singer Gary is the project's driving force. A classical guitar scholar and skilled drummer originally from Dublin, he drummed in successful alt-rock bands for over a decade, before moving to London in 2010 to see if a dent could be made in the UK music scene. Gary combined his business acumen with his love of music and set about creating an unequaled band that would appeal to more than just a "heavy metal" crowd.

After meeting and collaborating with Tom Cook,a talented drummer and Pete Agnelli (the bands original Bassist), The Survival Code was born.


The band released this 4 track EP which set the tone for what the guys have now become known for. These original tracks were a little more on the punk side, but tracks like BURNING still survive in the set until this day

MMXV (2015)

The Band spent a good deal of time selecting the producer and studio from which to record their debut album and couldn't have been happier having decided to work with John Merriman of Crown Lane studios. The 11 track album had 3 single releases and received a great deal of exposure and media airplay

- please see press section for album/live reviews and interviews


Following a great year of gigging and releasing new material and media, the band followed up MMXV with the 3 track EP ' BROKEN STRINGS" which was lead by the single of the same name which was releasee in late SEPT 2016. This track has been the band's break through track so far featuring on KERRANG!, Plant Rock, Team Rock and all the other stations the lads hoped to get. The success of the track lead to the guys featuring in a guest slot on the KERRANG! DJ Johnny Doom's TV show. 

ONE is the second single off the EP and is released on the 20/1/217 through IRL. 

Following two bass player changes in 2016 the band have found a new member Michael Eden

- press section has a plethora of information, reviews and interviews


The band have been busy for the last 6 months preparing to record their upcoming untitled album in June 2017 and this is due to be recorded in February with the famed producer Simon Efemey


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