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Parallel X

Parallel X is a musical collective from South London, England. Inspired by the New Wave movement of the 1980s, and the golden era of Hip-Hop during the 1990s, our sound is a fusion of styles... think David Bowie meets Tinchy Stryder.

We are currently post release of our debut album, The Return (available at a host of popular retailers). Our first video is launching shortly as well. Otherwise, you’re likely to find us on a local stage engaging with the community, sharing our sound wherever we go. The band is comprised of 3 members.

Simon has worked tirelessly in the genres of Rock, Pop and New Wave for over 2 decades. His insight, unique spin and vision have been instrumental in cultivating the Parallel X sound.

Damien has earned his stripes in the underground UK Hip-Hop scene through the late 90’s into the early 00’s. A keen wordsmith with a penchant for the dark, he lends a lyrical intensity to the band’s songs.

Will is the third element, a self-published writer, avid podcaster and blogger enthusiast. He brings the narrative to life on our debut outing.


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The Return

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